GTA IV - Integrity 2.0

Genre: Talk radio
Host: Lazlow (voice by himself, Lazlow Jones)

About Integrity 2.0:

Integrity 2.0 is a new kind of radio station to the Grand Theft Auto series, in that it is supposed to be recorded live from the streets of the city. Lazlow boldly wanders the streets of Liberty City, talking to various people he meets, trying to reclaim his integrity and get his radio career back on track.

The radio station Integrity 2.0 becomes available in-game when the player unlocks the second island, Algonquin, during the Elizabeta Torres mission "Blow Your Cover".

It is revealed during the course of the show that Lazlow was denied a loan by Bank of Liberty, so that he couldn't pay the rent for a studio for the show. This may be why he is recording the show live from the streets.

About the DJ:

Lazlow has previously made appearances on various radio stations throughout the Grand Theft Auto game series as DJ or talk show host. He appears in GTA III (on radio station Chatterbox) and GTA: Liberty City Stories (Chatterbox), GTA: Vice City (V-Rock) and GTA: Vice City Stories (V-Rock) and GTA: San Andreas (WCTR).

At one point during the show, a cab driver recognizes Lazlow from his days as the host on Liberty City radio station Chatterbox and says that Lazlow should bring back "that vegetarian guy", a reference to GTA III Chatterbox guest Reed Tucker.

Pop culture references:

* 24 - Lazlow mentions how the President was shot on a TV show called 72, where the protagonist had been awake for three days, became really moody and fought terroism. Lazlow also wonders why nobody on TV ever go to the bathroom (a valid question, especially on a show that's supposed to go on for 24 or 72 hours).

* Guglielmo Marconi/The Marconi Company - Lazlow at one point refers to himself as "Lazlow Marconi" for supposedly re-inventing radio through his live show. Guglielmo Marconi was the founder of The Marconi Company, the world's first radio factory and responsible for various advances in mass media.

* John Wilkes Booth - As Lazlow's first "guest" on the show tries to get away from Lazlow after Lazlow has tried showing him his stomach, Lazlow calls the guy "the John Wilkes Booth of radio". John Wilkes Booth was the man who assassinated U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, so basically Lazlow is saying that the guy is killing radio (or, more specficially, Lazlow's brand new radio show).

* Seabiscuit - At one point Lazlow calls himself "the Seabiscuit of radio". Seabiscuit was a famous champion racing horse during the Great Depression and a number of movies has been made about him. This whole horse dialogue is a bit confused, as Seabiscuit was a male horse and Lazlow then refers to himself as a filly (a young female horse). This is not the only time during the show that Lazlow gets a little confused about his gender, as he later exclaims that "The bitch is back. But I'm not a bitch. I'm a man."

* Rick Allen (one-armed drummer) - As Lazlow is talking to a pervert on the streets, he talks about how it used to be in the old days, mentioning how you could get into high-speed accidents and lose your arm, but still be able to be a drummer. This is a reference to Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, who lost his left arm in 1984 but continued to be the drummer in the band.

* Fresh - Approaching a pedestrian, Lazlow is accused of being trapped in the 1970s for calling him "young man", then the man asks what else Lazlow is going to say, "fresh"? On the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories soundtrack there is actually a radio station called Fresh 105 FM.

* Bruce Springsteen - Lazlow does at one point during the show day dream about how one day he's going to be a millionaire in blue jeans with a guitar slung over his back, singing about the struggles of being a blue-collor guy. This is likely a reference to singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, as the description fits the artist perfectly for the cover of his hugely successful "Greatest Hits" album of 1995.

Similar radio stations:

Chatterbox FM (GTA III)
K-CHAT (GTA: Vice City)
LCFR (GTA: Liberty City Stories)
VCPR (GTA: Vice City)
VCPR (GTA: Vice City Stories)
WCTR (GTA: San Andreas)

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