GTA: Vice City - VCPR

Genre: News/talk
Host: Maurice Chavez (voiced by Phillip Anthony Rodriguez)

VCPR's Pressing Issues show features three debates on this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack:

* Morality
* Perception and positive thinking
* Public safety

About VCPR:

VCPR (Vice City Public Radio) is this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's public service radio station. The station features the show Pressing Issues, a regional discussion show moderated by Maurice Chavez.

Each segment of the show includes a panel of three guests, what Maurice Chavez refers to as "three separate islands of insanity in a rolling sea of stupidity".

Although this radio station is supposed to be this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's donation funded radio station (it's "funded completely by donations for the station's listeners... and corporate sponsors"), one of the panel members in the "Perception and positive thinking" debate is repeatedly trying to sell his own self-help products to the listeners. Another panel member, Pastor Richards, tries to get donations for his organization with the stated goal of building a colossal statue of Pastor Richards himself.

The VCPR radio station is also featured on the Vice City Stories Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, with a different set of shows.

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