GTA IV - WKTT Talk Radio

Genre: Talk radio

About WKTT Talk Radio:

WKTT Talk Radio (We Know The Truth) is this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's private talk radio station, featuring three shows:

The Richard Bastion Show
Host: Richard Bastion
Topics: "Saving America from itself", Richard Bastion takes phone calls and rants to his audience, the "Bastion's Buddies", about the strength and purity of America. However, Bastion is also a man with many secrets that he keeps bottled up inside.

Just or Unjust
Host: Judge Grady
Topics: Brought to you by The Justice Entertainment System, "Just or Unjust" is a court show where cases are presented to Judge Grady, who arbitrarily sentences the plaintiffs and defendant based on his own views rather than what the law says. The judge says that he's not only there to administer justice, but also get ratings.

Hosts: Jane Labrador, Marcel LeMuir, Jeffron James
Topics: Fizz! is a radio show dedicated to gossip about celebrities. The show includes interviews with in-game comedians.

The "The Lost and Damned" DLC adds a fourth show to this radio station:

The Martin Serious Show
Hosts: Martin Serious with co-hosts Lisa and Smithy the Sidekick
Topics: This is the shock jock show that has changed everything.

Similar radio stations:

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