GTA: Vice City - K-CHAT

Genre: Commercial talk radio
Host: Amy Sheckenhausen (voiced by Leyna Weber)

About K-CHAT:

K-CHAT is this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's commercial talk radio station, hosted by Amy Sheckenhausen, a young woman who is easily confused and/or bored by her guests.

In contrast with this soundtrack's other talk radio station, VCPR, K-CHAT features interviews with guests and listeners who call in to the station.

Interviews featured on the K-CHAT Vice City Grand Theft Auto soundtrack:

* Jez Torrent, the Love Fist lead singer (voiced by Kevin McKidd), a rock god all the way from Scotland, England; also in the studio is Jez's girlfriend Mandy. We learn a lot about Jez's creative side and the pain in his soul from when he broke up with Sherry because she wanted to become a marine.

* Michelle Carapadis, out of touch man-hating feminist author and Vice City university professor (voiced by Mary Birdsong); Michelle is a woman who disguised herself to looked like a man to infiltrate their society and then wrote a book about her shocking experiences.

* Pat "Mr. Zoo" Flannerdy, Australian wild life expert and animal lover (voiced by Carl Dowling); thought to be a parody of the late real life wild life expert Steve Irwin.

* Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonmaker, new age activist and author of the book, "I'm Lovin' The Coven", that is printed on bark (voiced by Lynn Lipton); Gethsemanee lives in a witch coven lead by a guy named Phil, where she shares her life with a number of valuable partners and expects to die of old age at 27.

* B.J. Smith, former professional American football player (known to his fans as "Death In Tight Pants") and currently car dealership owner (voiced by Lawrence Taylor); B.J. teaches us that the best way to get fit is to have total disregard for your body. Amy doesn't seem very interested in the interview since B.J. actually catches her reading a book while he is talking.

* Claude Maginot, star of the hit TV show "Just The Five Of Us" and working on the theatre piece "In The Future There Will Be Robots" (voiced by John Mauceri). Claude considers himself a very serious actor, but his more important, "artistic" pieces seem to fail. One of the callers to the station during this interview presents himself as "Morgan" and this is obviously Morgan Merryweather, the DJ on Double Clef FM (featured on the Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City Stories soundtracks).

* Thor, the Norse deity and motivational speaker/self-help guru (voiced by Frank Fava). He is on the show to promote his "Unleash The Norse Within" weekend and "Thor's Norse Power Program", a self-help product that will not only help you unleash the fury but also unleash yourself. One of the callers to the station claims to have started a Thor fanclub called "The Bloods" and that they follow Thor's teachings to the letter.

Advertisements on K-CHAT:

The American Thing! - Don't make this little poor girl starve to death, just because you bought a cheaper, more efficient Maibatsu: buy American, do the American thing!

Ammu-Nation - The chain of gun stores leading the fight against communism.

Be A Hero! - The military teaches you all the skills you'll need in life.

B.J.'s Used Autos - Vice City's own celebrity endorsed used car shop is brought to you by B.J. Smith, former professional football player, who has brought the motto "smash, grab and run like hell" to the used car business.

B.J. Smith's Fit For Football - To win a game of football or life you have to annihilate everything in your path in a blind rage, says former football player B.J. Smith, and you can too!

Complete The Look - Vice City's one stop shop for the silent fashion assassin./Vice City's one stop shop for people who know how to put the hip in hip hop.

Degenatron - Brings arcade realism to your living room.

D'Leo and Thurax - The law firm that will make sure that the truth is heard, no matter how improbable.

Domestobot - Get your own robotic servant.

Exploder - Jack Howitzer plays Tim in Exploder, a movie about one man's quest for peace in the jungles of Cambodia.

Exploder Survival Knife - It's the knife that saved America, now it can save you.

Farewell Ranch - A retirement home where the old folks aren't just sitting around but can actually be earning you money and enjoying their final years.

Giggle Cream - It makes desert funny!

Is Your Child A Red? - If you find a book by Engels (Friedrich Engels, co-author of "The Communist Manifesto") other than Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of the "Little House" children's books series) under your child's bed, your child may be a red. But there are warning signs...

Just The Five Of Us - A Friday night TV sitcom that has captured America's hearts. Featuring Claude Maginot, who is an interviewee on K-CHAT.

Knife After Dark - A slasher movie, rated R for retarded.

Maibatsu Thunder - A car for freedom, hot excitement, and the man who is alone against the elements; a compact that "looks small but is so big".

Medallion Man - The shop for medallion needs, catering to all levels of masculinity. Commercial by Fernando Martinez, the DJ on radio station Emotion 98.3.

Musty Pines - A shady retirement community where you are guaranteed that your old people will pass on to something better in three months or less.

The Pastor Richards' Salvation Statue Fund - With a donation to Pastor Richards' fund you can secure a place for yourself inside the safety of his statue in time for the imminent nuclear strike.

Pet Stuffers - When you just can't let go; coming soon, Grandparents Forever!

Pit Bomb - A deodorant that is like napalm for your skin.

Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts - A chain of donut stores Downtown, or so we are lead to believe.

Salivex - More than saliva in a can.

Sissy Spritz - Take your hair higher! Hair for the future, not the past.

Synth And Son - The home of keyboards. You no longer need musical talent to make great music!

Think Your Way To Success - Jeremy Robard's self-help program that he is also trying to promote during the "Perception and positive thinking" debate on radio station VCPR.

Yuppie And The Alien - A new police drama about a well-to-do cop and an alien with a passion for justice; they are fighting crime the hard way: in designer clothes, a quarter of a million dollar sports car, and a UFO.

Pop culture references:

* The A-Team: At one point during Amy's interview with Mr. Zoo, he claims that he escaped from a mental hospital and is now travelling around in a black van, solving crimes and running from the Colonel. This is a brief, but clear, reference to popular 1982-86 TV series The A-Team, where one of the main character was repeatedly busted out of a mental hospital, where the team were using a very special black van throughout the series while they were travelling around solving mysteries and righting wrongs, while at the same time avoiding the military police.

* Red Dawn: The Ammu-Nation advertisement running on this radio station mentions a film festival with screening of "the documentary" Red Dawn. Red Dawn is, however, not a documentary but a work of fiction. This movie is also referenced on VCPR, by Pastor Richards during the debate on Morality. This exact same advertisement is also featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where it is played inside the Ammu-Nation stores.

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