GTA: San Andreas soundtrack

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack includes ten music radio stations, ranging from classic and modern hip-hop, funk and reggae to classic and alternative rock, contemporary soul and house, and one all news/talk radio station.

These are the radio stations included in this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack:

Bounce FM (funk)
CSR 103.9 (contemporary soul/New Jack Swing)
K-DST (classic rock)
K-Jah West (dub/reggae)
K Rose (country)
Master Sounds 98.3 (rare grooves)
Playback FM (classic hip hop)
Radio Los Santos (West Coast hip hop)
Radio X (alternative rock)
SF UR (house)
WCTR (news/talk)

Each radio station in this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack has its own unique set of songs selected among the best each genre has to offer and also one or more DJs to spice up the station with some funny talk between the songs.

One special feature that was included in the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack for San Andreas was the fact that some of the DJ banter changes over time as the game progresses, with the DJ sometimes comments on the events in the game plot or the news station bringing up events that the main protagonist (CJ) was part of.

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