GTA: Vice City soundtrack

The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack includes seven music radio stations, ranging from 1980s pop and rock, new wave and power ballads, to hip hop and R&B, and two all news/talk radio station.

These are the radio stations included in this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack:

Emotion 98.3 (power ballads)
Fever 105 (soul/R&B)
Flash FM (1980s pop)
K-CHAT (commercial talk radio)
Radio Espantoso (latin jazz)
VCPR (Vice City Public Radio; news/talk)
V-Rock (1980s rock)
Wave 103 (new wave)
Wildstyle (hiphop/electro)

Each radio station in this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack has its own unique set of songs selected among the best each genre has to offer and also a DJ to spice up the station with some funny talk between the songs.

Unlike the later games in the series, the Vice City Grand Theft Auto soundtrack does not have the feature that the order of the tracks and the DJ comments change - each station's soundtrack is static, but still very much a great part in creating the Vice City atmosphere.

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