GTA IV - Liberty City Hardcore

Genre: Punk and hardcore classics
DJ: Jimmy Gestapo (voiced by himself), DJ Max Cavalera (voiced by himself, added by The Lost and Damned DLC)

Grand Theft Auto soundtrack listing for Liberty City Hardcore:

Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain
Bad Brains - Right Brigade
Cro-Mags - It's The Limit
Killing Time - Tell Tale
Leeway - Enforcer
Maximum Penalty - All Your Boyz
Murphy's Law - A Day In The Life
Sheer Terror - Just Can't Hate Enough
Sick Of It All - Injustice System

Songs added to the soundtrack with the "The Lost and Damned" DLC:

At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul
Bathory - Call From The Grave
Cannibal Corpse - I Cum Blood
Celtic Frost - Inner Sanctum
Deicide - Dead By Dawn
Drive By Audio - Jailbait
Entombed - Drowned
Kreator - Awakening Of The Gods
Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
Terrorizer - Fear Of Napalm

About Liberty City Hardcore:

Liberty City Hardcore (L.C.H.C. Hardcore Rock) is this Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's punk and hardcore classics radio station, playing this genre's best from the city where it all began.

Jimmy Gestapo, who is this radio station's DJ and whose real name is Jimmy Drescher, is the lead singer in the New York based hardcore punk band Murphy's Law and has a song, "A Day In The Life", on Liberty City Hardcore's Grand Theft Auto soundtrack. "A Day In The Life" appears on their self titled second album released in 1986. The name Murphy's Law is a term used for the saying "anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

With the "The Lost and Damned" DLC a new black metal and death metal radio show is added to the L.C.H.C. radio station featuring DJ Max Cavalera (voiced by himself, Massimiliano "Max" Cavalera), Brazilian former lead singer and guitarist of Sepultura and now performing with Soulfly. The track "Dead Embryonic Cells" by Sepultura is featured on this station's soundtrack with The Lost and Damned DLC and appears on Sepultura's 1991 album Arise and was also released as a single.

Similar radio stations:

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