GTA IV - The Classics

Genre: "Golden age" hip hop
DJ: DJ Premier

Grand Theft Auto soundtrack listing for The Classics:

Audio Two - Top Billin'
Brand Nubian - All For One
Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight
Group Home - Supa Star
Jeru The Damaja - D. Original
Main Source - Live At The Barbeque
Marley Marl featuring Craig G - Droppin' Science
MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
Special Ed - I Got It Made
Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa
T. La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours

About The Classics:

The Classics is the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack's "golden age" hip hop station, educating Liberty City about the classic old school hip hop. The golden age of hip hop is by some considered to be late 1980s and early 1990s period (all of the songs on this station are from the years 1984-1995). This radio station also only features artists linked to the East Coast, with most of the artists being New York based.

The radio station's DJ, DJ Premier (voiced by himself, Chris Martin), is one of the two member group Gang Starr, whose song "Who's Gonna Take The Weight" is featured on this radio station soundtrack. DJ Premier, who is also known for his work as a record producer and DJ, is based in New York. He has produced a number of the tracks that appear on this radio station.

Additional track info:

The track "Top Billin'" by Audio Two, a New York based brother duo, was released on their 1988 debut album "What More Can I Say?". It had previously been released as a b-side to "Make It Funky" in 1987.

"All For One" by Brand Nubian, the famous New York trio, was the first track on their 1990 debut album "One For All". It was also released as a single that same year. Brand Nubian also have the track "Brand Nubian" featured on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack on radio station Playback FM.

"Who's Gonna Take The Weight" by the East Coast duo Gang Starr was released on their 1991 album "Step In The Arena" and also as a single the same year. Gang Starr also appear on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack, where their track "B.Y.S." is played on radio station Playback FM.

"Supa Star" by Group Home, another New York based duo, was produced by this radio station's host, DJ Premier, and appears on Group Home's 1995 debut album "Livin' Proof". The track was also released as a single.

"D. Original" by Jeru The Damaja (Kendrick Jeru Davis) was released on his 1994 debut album "The Sun Rises In The East" and as a single. This is another track that was produced by DJ Premier.

"Live At The Barbeque" by Main Source was released on their 1991 debut album "Breaking Atoms" (the group had already released a few singles, but this was their first album).

"Droppin' Science" by Marley Marl feat. Craig G appears on Marley Marl's 1988 debut album "In Control, Volume 1". This track features samples from Lyn Collins' song "Rock Me Again And Again", a track that appears on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack on radio station Master Sounds 98.3.

"Cha Cha Cha" by MC Lyte appears on her 1989 album "Eyes On This", an album that was co-produced by her older brothers, the guys in Audio Two (whose track "Top Billin'" appears on this radio station).

"I Got It Made" by Special Ed was released on his 1989 debut album "Youngest In Charge", a song that was also released as a single the same year.

"Go Stetsa" by Stetsasonic appears on their 1986 debut album "On Fire".

"It's Yours" by T. La Rock and Jazzy Jay was released as a single in 1984 on the newly formed Def Jam Recordings, the label's first official single using the Def Jam logo. The track was also added in 2006 to T. La Rock's 1987 album "Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)".

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