GTA 4 Trailer Music

There have been four official GTA 4 trailers released, each featuring a song from the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.

This is the GTA 4 trailer music as it appears in the official trailers:

First trailer - "Things Will Be Different"

Music: "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass

This track can be heard on the radio station The Journey.

Second trailer - "Looking For That Special Someone"

Music: "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Mix)" by The Boggs

Can be heard on the Radio Broker radio station.

Third trailer - "Move Up, Ladies"

Music: "King Ring" by Seryoga

This piece can be heard on the Vladivostok FM radio station.

Fourth trailer - "Good Lord What Are You Doing?" a.k.a. "Everyone's A Rat"

Music: "Real Mckoy" by Mavado

This song can be heard on the Massive B Soundsystem radio station.

Official GTA 4 TV Commercial

In addition to these four official trailers, the official TV commercial had the song "Vagabond" by Greenkeepers as its GTA 4 trailer music, a track featured on the Radio Broker radio station.

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